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Our Menu

Descriptions Of Mexican Food
Burrito (Bu-ree-toh) : Rolled flour tortilla stuffed with beef and topped with cheese and red sauce.
Chalupa (Chah-lu-pah) : Corn tortilla with beans sprinkled with cheese. Topped with lettuce and guacamole.
Chiles Rellenos (Chee-lays Ray-yay-nohs) : Sliced poblano pepper stuffed with beef, cheese and salsa.
Chimichanga (Chee-mee-chahn-gah) : Flour tortilla stuffed with shredded beef or chicken and then deep fried until crispy.
Chiles Poblanos (Chee-lays Poh-blah-nohs) : Whole poblano peppers stuffed with cheese and topped with red sauce.
Chorizo (Choh-ree-soh) : Mexican sausage.
Duritos (Du-ree-tohs) : Tortillas cut and deep fried until crispy.
Enchiladas (En-chee-lah-duhs) : Rolled corn tortillas stuffed with beef and topped with enchilada sauce and cheese.
Nachos (Nah-chos) : Melted cheese spread on tortilla chips.
Tacos (Tah-kohs) : Corn tortilla folded and deep fried until crispy. Filled with meat, lettuce and cheese.
Tamales (Tah-mah-lays) : Savory meat fillings steamed in a cornmeal casing.
Taquitos (Tah-lee-tohs) : Corn tortillas stuffed with chicken or steak, then deep fried until crispy.
Tortillas (Tohr-tee-yahs) : Thin corn or flour pancakes used as a base for many dishes.

Botanas | Appetizers


All nachos served with Monterrey Jack Cheese.


Served with lettuce, tomatoes and guacamole




A La Carte

All of our Shredded Chicken is prepared with fresh peppers, onions and tomatoes.
Choice of Beef or Chicken (except for the Chiles Poblanos).

Especialidades | Specialties



Fajitas Autenticas


Platos Vegetarianos


All combination platters are served with Mexican rice and refried beans.
Choice of Beef or Chicken.

Side Orders


Almuerzo | Lunch

Lunch served from 11:00am - 3:00pm

Express Lunch

Served with Mexican rice & refried beans.

Dessert | Postres

Little Amigos Menu

For the Kids we Love.
For children 11 and under.

Food By The Tray

Food By The Tray

Available For Take-Out
Full Tray (Feeds approx. 12-16) | Half Tray (Feeds approx. 8-10)
Please allow at least 2 hours for Food by the Tray Orders!